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Endothelial Biomedicine

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The endothelium, the cell layer that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, is a spatially distributed system that extends to all reaches of the human body. Today, clinical and basic research demonstrates that the endothelium plays a crucial role in mediating homeostasis and is involved in virtually every disease, either as a primary determinant of pathophysiology or as a victim of collateral damage. Indeed, the endothelium has remarkable, though largely untapped, diagnostic and therapeutic potential. This volume endeavors to bridge the bench-to-bedside gap in endothelial biomedicine, with the goal of advancing research and development and improving human health. The book is the first to systematically integrate knowledge about the endothelium from different organ-specific disciplines, including neurology, pulmonary, cardiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, infectious disease, hematology-oncology, nephrology, and dermatology. Moreover, it is unique in its interdisciplinary approach, drawing on expertise from such diverse fields as evolutionary biology, comparative biology, molecular and cell biology, mathematical modeling and complexity theory, translational research, and clinical medicine.

The Homeopathic Preventive Medicine

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Prevention is always better than cure. This manual provides the information necessary for the treatment and prevention of common and uncommon diseases by homeopathy. The work is an outcome of the experience of the masters and the author himself on homeopathic prevention of infections, surgical conditions and other acute complaints. It covers a wide range of diseases with their prophylactic homeopathic prescription. It is organised in alphabetical order for quick reference and lists over 200 illnesses and provides brief descriptions and suggested homeopathic treatment for each one. In today's time when medical bills are always a heavy toll in our pockets, this book on prevention comes as a sigh of relief. It features alphabetical arrangement of the diseases with preventive homeopathic treatment. It illustrates the role of homeopathic medicines for each disease condition as preventive as well as curative. It implies remedies for each disease with dosage and potency. It suggests homeopathic medicines that can be used in place of vaccination. It includes a list of homeopathic medicines which can be used as preventive for side effects of allopathic drugs. It covers pre- and post-operative homeopathic treatment.

Integrative Medicine

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The number of individuals turning to unconventional medical therapies continues to increase each year. Now, more than ever, today's medical and health care professionals require the knowledge and skills to successfully "bridge the gap" between conventional therapies and complementary/alternative medicine (CAM). McGraw-Hill now introduces the latest compilation of integrative approaches to many conditions and syndromes. This work reflects the authors' synthesis of many years of clinical experience and the theories underlying the many alternative modalities and traditional medical practices. Clinicians will find this text a highly effective resource.Built on the evidence-based expertise developed at New York City's Beth Israel Center for Health and Healing - the largest integrative medicine practice in the United States - "Integrative Medicine" uniquely combines a body systems approach with practical case studies, to clearly illustrate how clinicians can successfully incorporate conventional and CAM therapies into their daily practice.Ideal either as a classroom text or a clinical reference, "Integrative Medicine" features: an evidence-based approach that's immediately applicable to clinical practice - What works? What is safe and effective? and, What alternative therapies can potentially interact with traditional therapies?; a unique organization by body system (not by modality) - so it's easy to find thorough, practical information for managing a patient's specific condition; "Case Examples" that clearly demonstrate the application of an integrated approach to daily practice; unique grand round style discussion - "Selected Cases in Integrative Medicine through the Life Cycle"; and, integrative plans for conditions in women's health, cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, infectious disease, pediatrics, rheumatology, oncology, dermatology, and more.It also features: case-by-case evaluations of diet, nutritional supplements, botanicals, mind/body approaches, manipulation therapies, and alternative systems such as Asian medicine and homeopathy; coverage of potential adverse interactions between alternative and conventional therapies; and, concise reviews of the major disciplines and protocols of complementary and alternative medicine, written by world authorities.Current, comprehensive, and authoritative, "Integrative Medicine" provides you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to inform, educate, and treat those patients who are interested in or currently using unconventional medical therapies. Earn CME credits! Also available: Kligler/Lee - "Integrative Medicine CME Study Guide" (ISBN 0-07-140238-1). It features 1000 multiple-choice Q&As keyed to the Integrative Medicine text AND includes a bonus 100-question test for CME credit from Innovisions!

In My Classroom And In My Home

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A child's view of the Montessori world.

Veterinary Medicine 11e

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Veterinary Medicine is a comprehensive textbook of the diseases of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and goats that addresses the needs of both students and large/mixed animal veterinary practitioners. It has come to be extensively used as a reference by veterinarians around the world: it has attained international relevance, recognition and acceptance with several translations. For the new 11th edition Ken Hinchcliff and Peter Constable are joined as editors by Professor Stanley Done, a distinguished authority on the diseases of pigs, and by [a fourth European editor tbc], giving an editorial team of international scope and expertise.

The new edition has been reorganized into two volumes for ease of use and offers many new features and topics. The text has been reviewed in its entirety and edited for concision while retaining the same level of detail and scope of coverage, and the references have been comprehensively updated since the previous edition.

With this revised edition of Veterinary Medicine a companion App is also offered, which presentsin handy mobile format differential diagnoses, synopses of key points from the book, and tips and practical hints on therapeutics. When used in conjunction, the Veterinary Medicine book and App make an unbeatable reference that combines all the benefits of comprehensiveness with the convenience of portability .

  • Includes important information essential to any large-animal veterinarian, especially those working with horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, or goats.

  • User-friendly format allows the reader to quickly absorb key information.

  • Quick review/synopsis sections for complex diseases make important information easy to find.

  • Features content on major diseases of all countries, including foreign animal and emerging diseases.

  • Content reorganized and restructured by organ-system into two volumes that now present the same authoritative content and comprehensive coverage but with added convenience and accessibility.

  • All-new design offers decisively improved navigation: species are picked out by colour coding; text signposting is improved; heading system is reorganized; more boxes, tables and charts aid quick reference.

  • Now presenting over 100 new colour photographs and line drawings

  • New chapter added on diseases of the bovine reproductive system [author].

  • New chapter added on new world camelids and their specific diseases

  • Updated and expanded chapter on pharmacotherapy lists therapeutic interventions and offers colour-coded treatment boxes and principles of antibiotic use [author].

  • Expanded sections on herd health, including biosecurity and handy 'approach to the flock' boxes.

  • Additional content offered on lameness in cattle

  • Additional content included on the diseases of cervids

  • The Veterinary Medicine App gives you instant reference to differential diagnoses, key therapeutics data and essential summary points from your mobile device.


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