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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, A Real Illness

Does This Sound Like You? Have you lived through a scary and dangerous event? Sometimes, all of a sudden, I feel like the event is happening over again. I never know when this will occur. I have nigh........ Read More

People With Serious Mental Illnesses In Jail And Prison

Their Stories People with mental illnesses often come into contact with the criminal justice system. • Steven, 28, has bipolar disorder. He can maintain a normal family life and a job as a landscap........ Read More

The Myth Of Mental Illness

I. Overview Someone is considered mentally "ill" if: His conduct rigidly and consistently deviates from the typical, average behaviour of all other people in his culture and society that fit his pro........ Read More

When The Cure Becomes The Cause Of Illness

It is bad enough to have an illness. But there are times when the cure is as bad as the illness itself, and worse, it is possible that the cure itself can become the cause of the illness. Many peop........ Read More

Depression Is A Real Illness

Because most people get depressed from time to time, there is that eternal question if depression is a real illness. The answer is: yes. The clinical one, that is. It has been said that about one out ........ Read More

Erasing The Stigma Of Mental Illness

As a physician specializing in psychiatry, I know that many emotional conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders are true medical illnesses with a biologic (physical) origin. Psychiatry has ........ Read More

Philosophy And Mental Illness

“I think therefore I am” – Renee Descartes (1640) It is a beautiful summers day and you are walking in the countryside. In a clearing to your right you see a cherry tree, the red fruit peeping ........ Read More

Depression Would Be Second Largest Illness By 2010!

World Health Organization states one out of four worldwide suffer from various forms of mental, behavioral and neurological disorders. Are you one of them? It has also been estimated that depression ........ Read More

Common Dog Diseases, Illnesses And Conditions

Like all pet animals, dogs too are prone to lots of diseases. To keep the dogs free from the diseases, they should be understood first and accordingly treated well with the assistance of the veterinar........ Read More

What Causes Mental Illness?

(NC)-Lots of myths surround mental illness. For instance, many still think that it's something that can be cured simply by 'toughening up' or by adopting a better outlook on life. In fact, mental ill........ Read More

Do I Need Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance is taken out to cover you either for life or for a set period of time against certain critical illnesses, diseases and medical conditions. It differs from life insurance in ........ Read More

Cockatiel Illnesses

Cockatiels are one of the most lovable pets in the world. They are a valuable treasure to the owner. Cockatiels, just like humans, need a lot of attention and care. Parrots as pets are delightful but........ Read More

Critical Illness Insurance The Non-disclosure Problem

If you're in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim on your critical illness insurance policy, the last thing you want is insensitive hassle or apparent non co-operation from your insurer......... Read More

Critical Illness Insurance. Big Changes On The Horizon

In recent years sales of critical illness insurance have flagged. The primary cause is the huge 70% increase in premiums experienced during recent years. For many, critical illness insurance has simp........ Read More

Psoriasis Treatment & How To Deal With The Illness

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin condition that produces red scaley patches, which are most commonly found on the knees and elbows. In order to combat this illness, an aggressive psoriasis treatment........ Read More


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