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Depression Would Be Second Largest Illness By 2010!

World Health Organization states one out of four worldwide suffer from various forms of mental, behavioral and neurological disorders. Are you one of them? It has also been estimated that depression ........ Read More

Young Adults And Mental Illness-what Are The Warning Signs?

Mental illness is not just an affliction that you are born with; mental illnesses can develop over time, whether as something that was predestined to occur or as an illness that develops over time. Wh........ Read More

How To Recognize Mental Illness In Children

(NC)-Learning that something is wrong with your child can be a frightening experience. Frightening and embarrassing. In fact, the reason that many fail to have their children's behavior diagnosed is ........ Read More

Cockatiel Illnesses

Cockatiels are one of the most lovable pets in the world. They are a valuable treasure to the owner. Cockatiels, just like humans, need a lot of attention and care. Parrots as pets are delightful but........ Read More

Panic Disorder, A Real Illness

Does This Sound Like You? Do you have sudden bursts of fear for no reason? Do you feel awful when they happen? I have chest pains or a racing heart. I have hard time breathing. I have a choking feeli........ Read More

Stress And Illness

Jack, 60 years old, is a client of mine. Jack had been in a very difficult, codependent marriage with Stella - a marriage where Jack completely gave himself up in his attempts to avoid Stella’s ange........ Read More

Iguana Illnesses

Iguana Illnesses that need Immediate Attention Like humans, these iguanas actually also fall ill. If you have learned to love your pet iguanas, you might as well want to keep them for long. Here ........ Read More

One In Five Stricken With Mental Illness

Early identification key to effective treatment (NC)-According to the Canadian Mental Health Association an estimated one in five Canadians will be affected by a mental illness at some time during th........ Read More

What Is Standalone Critical Illness Insurance?

While the majority of people who take out a critical illness policy choose a policy that also includes life insurance, there is also an option many don’t consider - a standalone critical insurance p........ Read More

Heat-related Illnesses In Teens

Heat related illnesses are caused due to prolonged exposure to heat and also humidity without any reprieve and due to inadequate intake of fluids. Kids and teens adjust to the variations in heat com........ Read More

Depression Is A Real Illness

Because most people get depressed from time to time, there is that eternal question if depression is a real illness. The answer is: yes. The clinical one, that is. It has been said that about one out ........ Read More

Illness - What Can We Do About It?

Illness concerns everyone. How can we approach it? And what is the reason behind illness? Whether you need to stay well or get well, lifestyle changes are essential to help you win the fight against ........ Read More

When The Cure Becomes The Cause Of Illness

It is bad enough to have an illness. But there are times when the cure is as bad as the illness itself, and worse, it is possible that the cure itself can become the cause of the illness. Many peop........ Read More

Critical Illness Insurance Is Critical

A difficult time in life can teach you what's really important. Just ask anyone whose life took a sharp turn when a medical problem was discovered. First off there are expenses, a difficulty for any ........ Read More

Erasing The Stigma Of Mental Illness

As a physician specializing in psychiatry, I know that many emotional conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders are true medical illnesses with a biologic (physical) origin. Psychiatry has ........ Read More


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